Allah the exalted said in his noble book {And if not for a word that preceded from your Lord, punishment would have been an obligation [due immediately], and [if not for] a specified term [decreed]. So be patient over what they say and exalt [ Allah ] with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting; and during periods of the night [exalt Him] and at the ends of the day, that you may be satisfied} Taahaa 129-130

The great scholar Abdur-Rahmaan bin Naasir As-Sa’dee rahimahul-llah (died 1376) said in his tafsir of the above verses:

“This is a solacement for the Prophet peace is upon him and an encouragement for him to be patient from initiating the destruction of the disbelievers who turned away. And that their disbelief and their rejection is a valid reason for the punishment to fall on them. Because Allah made punishments a consequence and an inseparable part of sinning. And those have committed the reason [for punishment], however what delayed the coming [of punishment] is the word of your Lord which entailed giving them a chance and setting a specified term. So, the specified term and the word of Allah that takes effect delayed the punishment from them until its time, and perhaps they would review the command of Allah and repent and Allah will accept their repentance and lift the punishment from them if the word did not take effect.

And because of that Allah commanded His Messenger to be patient with their harm by speech, and He commanded him to seek compensation and aid by glorifying His lord in these virtuous times. Perhaps if you [Muhammad] do that [glorifying] you may be pleased with the immediate and delayed reward that your Lord will give you, and perhaps your heart will find tranquility and your eyes will be pleased with the worship of your Lord. And you will find solace from their harm in it [the worship] and hence patience would be lighter on you”

Tafsir As-Sa’dee rahimahul-llah, volume 5, pages 108-109

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