It has been narrated on the authority of Ali bin Aby Taalib-Allah is pleased with him- that the messenger of Allah-peace is upon him- said:

“No servant would believe until he believes in four things:

he bears witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah;  He sent me with the truth, he believes in death, he believes in resurrection after death and he believes in the predestination, its good and its bad”.

This hadith is in Jaami’ut-Tirmithee hadith no 2145, Sunan Ibn Maajah no 66 and it has been classified as authentic by Al-Albaanee in Sahihul-Jaami’, hadith number 7584 and he said about it (It is on the conditions of the two Shaykhs, Bukhari and Muslim).

Benefits taken from this hadith: 

1-The meaning of Emaan (belief) here is the origin (root) of the Emaan not the branches therefore whoever disbelieves in one of those four is not a Muslim.

2-The meaning of “he sent me with the truth” is the prophet peace is upon him was sent to the mankind and to the Jinnkind.

3-The meaning of “death” here entails believing that this world will perish unlike the Dahriyyoon who rejects life after death.

*Benefits were extracted from Mirqaatul-Mafateeh Sharhu Mishkaatul-Masaabeeh by Ali bin SulTaan Muhammad Al-Qaaree rahimahul-llah.

This translation was published online on Wednesday 9-7-1433 which corresponded with 30-5-2012

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