It has been narrated by Abdul-llah bin ‘Amro bin Al-‘Aas-Allah is pleased with them- that the messenger of Allah-peace is upon him- said:

“Those who are merciful Ar-Rahmaan (the most gracious) will be merciful to them. Have mercy for the people of earth he who is in the heaven (Allah) will have mercy for you”

This hadith is in Sunan Aby Da’ood and Sunan At-Thirmithee. And it has been classified as authentic by Al-Albaani in Sahih At-Targheeb no 2256.

Benefits taken from this hadith: 

1-Ar-Rahmaan is from the names of Allah.

2-This hadith is a refutation to those who say Allah is everywhere. Because the prophet peace is upon him-who knows Allah better than anyone else and who does not lie- said that Allah is in the heaven.

3-The Muslim should primarily treat others with mercy and kindness.

4-This hadith is the first hadith that scholars teach their students. Not in present time only but through out the chain of narration. 


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