The ‘Al-llaamah, the prince Muhammad bin Ismaa’eel As-San’aanee rahimahul-llah said in his treatise Irshaadun-Nuqaad elaa tayseeril-Ijtihaad, page 105:

“And there is a difference between blindly following a scholar in everything that he says and seeking aid from his understanding; the first is adopting his statement without looking for a proof from Qur’aan or Sunnah. And seeking aid from his understanding- which is the second- is like the skillful guide on the path for the passer-by. So he [the scholar] is a guide to a proof, once he [passer-by] reached it [proof] he is sufficed from using other than it as a proof. And this is similar to he who uses the star to be guided to the Qiblah, if he saw the Qiblah no meaning is left to use the star”

Arabic text:

وفرق بين تقليد العالم في جميع ما قاله وبين الاستعانة بفهمه وهو الثاني بمنزلة الدليل في الطريق والخريت الماهر لابن السبيل فهو دليل إلى دليل فإذا وصل إليه استغنى بدلالته عن الاستدلال بغيره ونظيره من استدل بالنجم على القبلة فإذا شاهد القبلة لم يبق لاستدلاله بالنجم معنى

Translated by: أبوبكر بن أحمد بن محمود الظِّبيانِي الإسْحاقِي

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