Ibnul-Qayyem Al-Jawziyyah said “wasting time is a sign of being hated by Allah”.

He also said “wasting time is severer than death. Because death prevents you from living people while wasting time prevents you from Allah”.

Abdul-llah bin Mas’ood said “By Allah, I hate to say the man doing nothing. Not occupied with matters of his hereafter nor occupied with matters of his world”.

Abdul-llah bin ‘Abbas said “if the sun risen on a day and my knowledge did not increase on this day then may that sunrise not be blessed”.

Al-Hassan Al-Basree said “O son of Adam, you are only a group of days. If a day is gone then a portion of you is gone”.

Ibnul-Qayyem Al-Jawziyyah said “a sign of being forsaken by Allah is to be preoccupied with what is not beneficial”.

We ask Allah to make us occupied with what beneficial to us in both worlds,

Allahumma ameen.

Translated by:أبوبكر بن أحمد الظِّبيانِي الشِّفِيلدِي

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