1-The love of worship: it is also called the specific love, it is when the human holds a veneration for the beloved in his heart in a way that necessitates on him to carry the commands of the beloved and refrain from his prohibitions. This love is only for Allah.

2-The love that is not a worship: this divides to sub-categories:

A-What results from loving Allah, which is loving Allah and loving for the sake of Allah. This could be people (believers), actions (righteous deeds), places (Makkah) and times (first ten days of Thul-Hijjah).

B-The love of compassion and mercy, such as the love of father to his son and loving the poor and the sick ones.

C-The love that is necessitated by nature, such as loving food, drink, marriage [this includes if the Muslim man was married to a Christian or Jewish woman] and vehicles.

Extracted from Al-Qawlul-Mufeed Sharh Kitaabut-Tawheed by Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen rahimahul-llah

Translated by: أبوبكر بن أحمد بن محمود الظِّبيانِي الإسْحاقِي

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